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The first MSPaint animation to make me laugh.
+ the video game music sound effects gave it the right mood
+ good voice acting
++ Made me laugh
-no controls to pause, etc

KuroKarite responds:

lol thanks a lot dude! I dunno how to work Adobe Flash yet. I'm learning it for my next video. I promise it'll have it.

Admirable Directing

While the Art and Concept was "cliche";
I really enjoyed your directing.

SXR123 responds:

Thank you for giving an HONEST review unlike the three 0's below me.

Top Notch

+ Facial detail\emotion
+ (I forgot the word): I cringed when the Huge puzzle was being disturbed, because it was clear there was a lot of effort put into it.
+ Clear voice acting, sound effects and BGM didn't distract from the movie.
+ Style, & non distracting background.

? The guy says the puzzle is 'All human knowledge" but doesn't human knowledge change?
? Are you thinking about updating the logo?

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Shortest Rail-shooter

+6 no glaring bugs, or white-bg
+ bg doesn't steal focus.
+ responsive controls
- can't replay
- shorter than the ad.
- No sound or music.

Majo10Majo responds:

I absolutely agree. Thank you for the ideas and I shall fix and release a new version ASAP. I am already working on another project, should be done soon. it's a much better idea with replay capability, and intended for replay. It's another demo with only 1 level, that will have more levels as time goes on. It is a platformer. Tell me what you think about that one. I think you'll like it!

Had me hooked for a little bit

+I enjoyed the fast pace & challenge.
? all it needs in my opinion is a non-attention-grabbing scrolling bg,
and some music.

I like it

+ Starts easier than the last one(more enjoyable to get started.)
+ Simple and non-cpu-consuming.
+ Catchy bg music.

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Love it

+ Fits the theme well
+ Catchy
+ Crisp and clear sound with dimension.
+ I appreciated the (mixing it up) towards the end.
- I prefer a finish to songs; anybody could put in a fade-ending afterwards.

GrantBowtie responds:

Thanks man I'm glad you liked it :)
I agree that more thought could have been put into the ending. I feel that your opinion might be slightly different if that sort of ending was not so overused.

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You should tint the background items.

- originality in artwork.(sprite rip)
+ effort and layout
+ sprite quality

I love twist endings, double meanings, symbolism, and innuendos. Each submission is a result of new codes and techniques i have learned, and they teach me something about myself too.

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