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I love twist endings, double meanings, symbolism, and innuendos. Each submission is a result of new codes and techniques i have learned, and they teach me something about myself too.

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EK515's News

Posted by EK515 - September 25th, 2013

Next on my list are:
Facial expression
personality guides
2D-timelines (event map)
and/or something Quaternary

Classes come first however.

Posted by EK515 - June 7th, 2013

The attatched picture is the result of my free time after classes.
I can spice music OK too, but things grind to a halt when I try to draw characters and movement.
I'll work on that next...

Need to work on easy-to-animate-Characters next

Posted by EK515 - January 21st, 2013

I'll still produce, just without the pressure of having a name.
NVM just flooded with classes.
+ I've been scatterbrained when It comes to producing. (see pic)
So I'm going to focus on movies.

toobusy newgrounds :(

Posted by EK515 - December 2nd, 2012

Bad news:
-Classes (animating has to take a back seat)
-writer's paralysis/block (disabilitating self criticism?)
-as3 too much of a pain to make top-down adventure

Good news:
+ script-writing ("Page 2 Stage" prog)
+ picture-peek at armature-model-setup
( Obsolete: profile & hip fixed, guide circles fixed, & armatures for spine only)

My writing professor once said:
"Don't talk about a project you are working on,"
something about it triggering writer's_block or something.


Posted by EK515 - November 10th, 2012

good news:
still working on it,
& backed my stuff up in the dumping grounds

Bad news:
finals & exams

Good & Bad

Posted by EK515 - September 23rd, 2012

+ Busy School work

bonus points to whoever can guess which philosopher it is made after.

Game engine building tips u wanna share?

Posted by EK515 - September 19th, 2012

That's about it.
Lets see, what else?...
I hope to use more isometric backgrounds and expressive faces in my next movie.

Made some music

Posted by EK515 - July 22nd, 2012

We want YOU *points finger*

C'mon, don't be shy!

60fps RHG fighting-demo collab

Posted by EK515 - July 16th, 2012

I'll post progress here:
+Parallax scrolling (less lag than the old 3D method)
+Improved Menu

WIP: expressive faces
storyboard and music
Any suggestions?


Posted by EK515 - June 13th, 2012

Current RHG battle is on hold (kinda glad)
About to start experimenting with a new movement method instead.